February 22, 2011


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Today in class we learned how to use Glogster, an online resource that lets you design an informational “poster.”  We will each be making “Glogs” to share the information from our expository reports.  This can be accessed from home, and many students are really excited to do this as their ten minutes of writing tonight.

To access the Glogster site, go to: http://edu.glogster.com.  Each student has their own nickname and password that they should have in their planners (LEAP students will be “trained” tomorrow). 

Have fun using Glogster!

October 6, 2010

In a routine!

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We have officially made it through two word study cycles in my classroom and have started our third, and things are finally running smoothly!  Students have almost mastered all of the routines, and I am definitely seeing some learning taking place.

Here are some things that I think are going very well right now:

  • Using our word study contracts for accountability
  • Assessing kids in a small group (I’m doing this instead of Spelling City this year because it’s a little easier for me, but I like both ways!)
  • Have 4 groups that meet every other day

Here are some things I’m still working on:

  • Assessing with mystery words (my students are still doing very well with their word sets, but frequently make errors on these words)
  • Integrating grammar in a meaningful way (interactive writing is going well for me, but it’s SO SLOW!)
  • Reaching my most outlying students

What is going well for you?  What would you like to continue working on and discussing?

September 7, 2010

Communicating with Parents

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Here is a copy of the letter I created to send home to parents this year:

Letter 2010

I usually just leave the date due line blank and have the kids fill it in, and as I make them this year I am keeping one blank copy in the file with that particular sort. 

If you have a letter you’re using, please send it to me (svalter) so I can share some different versions on here!

August 25, 2010

WTW on Facebook

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Wow, thanks to Tammy R. and some other friends who found this on Facebook . . . Words Their Way has their own page!  It’s full of podcasts, some videos, notes, and questions to get teachers sharing how they use WTW in their classrooms.  It’s supported by the publishers of the books, and seems to have a lot of great info! 

If you’re on Facebook and want to check it out, click here!

August 14, 2010

Word Study Contracts

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Here are the word study contracts I assign to my students:

Spelling Contract first quarter

Spelling Contract second quarter

Spelling Contract

For students who need more support (or for younger students), I have taken some of these activities and converted them into a “tic-tac-toe” board so there are fewer choices.

August 12, 2010

Spring PD Power Point

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Here is a copy of the power point Jennifer and I shared on the May PD day: Words Their Way.

July 13, 2010


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I am hoping to send some things off to copy center this week to get ready for school to start, so I quickly typed up these student response sheets to use when I start giving the assessment in the fall.  I am planning to run a class set of the Elementary Assessment for each quarter (in four different colors), plus about 5 or so of the Upper Level and Primary for each quarter in case I have to administer either to some of my students.  Please feel free to use these documents, too!  (I’ll upload documents as I find/create/use them, and would love to have you e-mail me documents as you make them, too!)

Upper Level Assessment

Primary Assessment

Elementary Assessment